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Grade 12–12

SystemsGo Goddard Level Course

STARS - 1647 SystemsGo Goddard Level Course
Grades 12–12


This course applies knowledge developed through the Tsiolkovsky and Oberth levels and expands life and workforce skills (cognitive reasoning, critical thinking, problem-solving, design and development, testing and analysis, documentation, teamwork, and leadership) through the design, development, and testing of a high-altitude rocket. Students design and fabricate all rocket components, including the hybrid propulsion system, with the design goal of taking a scientific payload 80K to 100K ft. Upon conclusion of the flight profile development, students travel to NASA - Johnson Space Center Houston - for presentation to flight engineers. Students use Research Design and Development Loop (RD&D Loop), to design and build the high-altitude rocket, launched with the support of the U.S. Army at White Sands Missile Range (WSMR). Prerequisites 0706 Drafting Technical Mechanical, Tsiolkivsky, and Oberth courses, enrollment in Precalculus strongly recommended. (A SystemsGo course).

Scope and Sequence

First Six Weeks
Second Six Weeks
Third Six Weeks
Fourth Six Weeks
Fifth Six Weeks
Sixth Six Weeks